Creative Juices

My creative juices are spilling all over the place, but it might be better if they stayed in the glass. It's a bit messy in my house.

I'm still working on the dining room revamp. I decided to try again with the whole slipcover thing and did some work on one of the chairs a few nights ago. I started by spray painting it an espresso color. (See original here. It's the one on the left.) And then I got lazy and decided since I'm slipcovering the top part, I didn't need to paint the whole thing.

(Ai-phone photos make this whole thing look kind of crappy but when the whole room is done, I'll use the nice camera and make the reveal look even better. Yep, all part of the plan.)

Ok, I'll admit. I'm patting myself on the back. It doesn't look half bad! Compared to my slipcovered bench, I'd say I'm making progress! Still working on some final touches to the chair. But I'm hitting some road blocks with the overall look of the room. It's just not quite speaking to me yet. Got to mix up the juices a bit and hope for some inspiration.

Running helps, and I took a nice one yesterday. This cool weather is perfect for it, because no matter how cold it is, I still sweat up a storm.

The trees of fall lining my run

It's a good thing I did the run, because this was waiting for me at work today.

calories burned in a 1/2 hour run =
calories gained after inhaling a donut in 5 seconds

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