Clean things

I used to be a clean freak. Now I'm just a clean freak in spirit, as I'm not motivated enough to actually clean off every speck of dust in my house. Except then I look at the dust and get pretty disgusted. I actually want to vacuum my vacuum cleaner. Then I look at the grand scheme of things and think, why dust? Aren't there more important things in life? And a little dirt and mold will probably make me stronger, eh?

Mr. Bird hopelessly reviews the situation

Or not. It's pretty bad. So today, I'm going to clean. I don't know if things will be spotless, but they'll be better. First things first, I need a new dish rack. I need a dish rack that doesn't need to be in a dish rack. Meaning, my current dish rack is mildewy and gross and making my freshly-cleaned dishes dirty. Plus, it doesn't drain well, which just makes it more mildewy.

The utensil carrier. Yuck.

Adjustments to the drainage system

I took a look online and found this beautiful dish rack from Williams and Sonoma.

I'm drooling. Is it weird to be drooling over a dish rack? It's so pretty. And clean. The whole kitchen is clean. This is my clean kitchen inspiration. But it's $70. How do I justify spending $70 on a dish rack?

So then I found this guy.

Better priced at $50, but not as pretty. And finally, this one, at $40.

Which one? While I ponder on this, I'm going to clean.


  1. oh, this cracked me up!... you remind me a little of myself when it comes to views on cleaning. i am a neat freak in spirit... almost a germaphobe. but i tend to do little about it, as i am so busy or often too lazy {tired} to clean.

    that said, i have been wanting a new dish rack for sooooo long! and i love the ones you posted. they would go great in my kitchen.

    i love your blog and photography! i found it via your profile on flickr, which i discovered after you added me as a contact. so glad you did!


  2. Thank you! Funny, I just posted a comment on your blog when I saw this one! And I went out and bought a dish rack this weekend, will have to post the "winner" soon :-) But let's just say I'm drooling...


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