Random thoughts and yippees

1. The pink dahlias in my garden are on steroids. I don't know where they're getting them from, but definitely not from the white dahlias.

2. This song was playing on the radio today when I was driving through the neighborhood. I heart this song. I said "Yippee!" and sang along.

Then the radio person said they were playing at Treasure Island Music Festival on October 16. And I have tickets, which I had bought to see Death Cab for Cutie. And I didn't even notice them on the line up. "Yippee!!!" I said again.

3.  As I was driving, singing and yelling "Yippee," I saw that a DSW was opening up in the mall. Another "Yippee!" came out. As much as I would love to shop in cute little boutiques, I can't justify spending $400 on a pair of shoes. (Although I did spend almost that much in NY once when I went shopping after having cocktails. Not a good idea.) And I could get 6 pairs here for the price of one at a cute little boutique. So far my record is 4 in one trip. Maybe I shouldn't be yelling "Yippee!" I really have too many shoes. DSW: Danger Shopping Within, or Disaster Strikes Woman, or Deathly Stilettos... Whatever.  That would be a cool band name: Deathly Stilettos.

4. I am diligently working on the dining room. I am not a sewer. I can sew a straight line, but if I need to go around a corner, it's pretty ugly.

I took some leftover drop cloth and used it to cover the bench. It's pretty sad looking, but who says I was looking for perfection? I read all these blogs and everyone's crafts look amazingly perfect. Totally admire that, and I can definitely crank out some awesome looking crafts. This bench cover is not awesome looking. But I'm keeping it.

I didn't even know what piping really looked like until yesterday

5. I did whip out these lovelies. My friend is turning 40 and I'm about to head out to his party. My other friend and I are putting together a joke basket, but I made a normal card, using one of those paint swatch thingys and some stencils. And then I got him a gift card, but I hate those plastic things. So I made him a customized one. Yippee!

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