Dining room v3.1

The dining room revamp continues. So far, the walls are painted, a bench has been covered, and I also finished up some of the other chairs. 



Does Rusty approve?

I keep going back and forth on whether I want the "Ladylike Luxe" as first mentioned here or more of a Vintage Luxe. My white chairs are looking antiquey since I was a bit heavy-handed with the spray paint. I sanded down the drops of paint, which exposed the light wood beneath. I've been eyeing the dinner table, thinking of giving it a complete makeover with paint. But I can't decide on a dark brown or leaving the brown top and painting the legs white, like this one.

Vanessa de Vargas

Plus I have two other chairs without cushions that need something. Slipcover? Yeah, not so good at that yet, as seen on my imperfect bench. Would love to build some sort of hutch up in the big empty hole. An area rug too. What else?

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