Weeks 49 and 50

337: Sunday morning big breakfast! Eggs, sausage and some homemade Meyer Lemon Scones

338: Homemade cauliflower and leek soup with a drizzle of bacon

339: Ham sandwich for lunch at the desk

340: Noodle soup with bacon and some leftover fortune cookies. Are the fortunes still good if the cookies are old?

341: In need of photos with good light, I took one of breakfast, no bacon :-( 

342: Tried a homemade pumpkin and sausage lasagna. Overcooked the pasta, but the stuffing was delicious.

343: Potato pancakes and smoked salmon. I've got to do potato pancakes more often!

344: I went for a jaunt at the beach with the dogs and came across this interesting creature. It was moving, and looked like a mutant crab. After some online research, I learned that this is a gooseneck barnacle. They are also known as percebes in Spain and Portugal and are a delicacy there. Talk about the perfect foraging find! Except I didn't take it home, although I sure wish I did. 

345: The usual quick dinner of noodles

346: Take out sushi for dinner after a very busy and stressful day

347: More noodles

348: Too busy, and I probably had noodles

349: TGIF! I had some time in the morning so made a good breakfast.

350: A baby shower for a friend means lots of goodies for lunch!



December Mood Board

Since I'm not posting that much on my blog, I thought I would share what I've been doing over on Instagram. The end of November was filled with so much fog, it was just gorgeous chasing it!

Then the rain came in, but there would be breaks when the sun would peak through, creating such gorgeous light. I didn't even have to edit!

Now into December, the rain is falling harder, so my photos have a dark and eerie feel to them. But the rain doesn't darken my mood at all. In fact, I love snuggling up in a warm blanket with a cup of hot tea, listening to the sound of rain. After of course, I've been out in the rain taking these shots!

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Weeks 47 and 48, I can't wait!

to be done with this project. Four more weeks to go! Woo hoo!

323:  I love the Sundays when I have some time to make a nice breakfast. Here we have pancakes, sausage and an egg. I hope I did some exercise after this.

324: Met up with some old high school friends who I haven't seen in a long time. It was fun catching up over burgers. It's great how even after you haven't seen each other for years, you can just start back up as if no time has passed.

325: Late Tuesday means take out Burmese!

326: My friends kidnapped me from work and we went for food. That's what friends are for.

327: THANKSGIVING!!! Ate. So. Much. I love you mom!

328: Used Thanksgiving leftovers (not turkey) for a quick meal after work.

329: I don't think I had dinner. But I had dessert!

330: Mom has a Meyer lemon tree and I may have taken one or a hundred lemons. Search Epicurious.com and voila! Meyer lemon and cranberry scones. Really really good. I may have eaten one or a hundred.

I took a little extra time to style this shot along with a couple of others this week. I've been very active on Instagram and was kind of tired of having my pretty nature photos interrupted with a poorly lit food photo.

331: Breakfast sandwich. Mmm... biscuits.

332: Went lighter for breakfast with some persimmons. And a buttery yummy biscuit.

333: Was home early from work and took advantage of the light. Made this Morrocan Chicken with Green Olives and Meyer Lemon. So good! And I just love this photo! I even got featured over on Instagram!

334: Lunch with a friend. A whole pizza for me? Don't mind if I do!

335: Gym, yoga, lunch, hike. That works for me!

336: This should actually be day 334. Was eating leftovers and in bad light. This cloud soup was much prettier.


Weeks 45 and 46, my computer was sick

So this time I have a good excuse, aside from life, that has put me even more behind in my food posts. My 6 month-old computer crashed. So then the hard drive was replaced. And then it died again the next day. So the motherboard was replaced. So essentially I have a new computer, although I kind of had a new computer before.

Lesson learned from the last time my computer died--back your stuff up, yo! Thank goodness I did, and all my lovely photos are still with me!

So how did weeks 45 and 46 feed me?

309: Egg scramble with homemade beet juice. I've been juicing a bit, trying to "cleanse" my system. Never works though. I just end up eating bacon later. (See day 314)

310: This is a latergram. I went to the SF Art Institute, and the rooftop view was ah-may-zing! And so were these croquettes.

311: We have learned from my 366 that I eat a lot of udon.

312: I don't know what this is, chicken and avocado. It looks awful and probably was. 

313: When I am in a cooking slump and burnt out at work, sushi to go is always a good thing. My sushi photos always get many likes on Instagram. And when I say many, I mean like 12. (Actually, day 310 got quite a few likes, but probably because of the view. It's pretty darn awesome.)

314: Being healthy with a breakfast burrito, and then I added the bacon. 

315: Going Italian in SF for my friend's birthday. Mangia!

316: Guess what? Udon.

317: I've been taking more morning photos since evening photos in the winter are crap. Here's an egg scramble. And a chocolate chip cookie. Because who doesn't have chocolate chip cookies for breakfast?

318: Knock knock. Who's there? Udon. Udon who? Udon you like my udon? (Get it? Get it?)

319: Had to work late, much too late. Thank goodness for In-N-Out!

320: Met up with friends at my favorite Burmese joint. It takes a lot of restraint to not gobble up everything in front of your friends. 

321: Homemade corn soup like mom used to make. And strawberry shortcake, which mom never made.

322: Had a girl's night out at 1300 Filmore. Loved the dark and moody interior. The elderflower and pear cocktail was tasty too. 

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