After the rain

The rain on Friday made way to clear skies by Saturday afternoon, perfect for our hike in Muir Woods. I love the smell in the air, especially the woods, after the rain. Clean. Earthy. Fresh. Mmmmm....


I always feel a bit self-conscious, as the group will be hiking and I'll lag behind taking photos. Then they stand there waiting for me as I catch up. I keep telling them to stop waiting for me. We all have the same destination.

Beauty shines through

As we hiked, I would be captivated by the shape of a dried-up flower or the color of a living one as it stood out amongst the browns. I would click away, trying to capture that beauty. But when I looked over my shots last night, I wasn't too satisfied with the mood they conveyed. I'm not sure if it just takes more practice to get on film exactly what I see through my naked eye. Or do all photographers rely on some digital editing?  Through some exposure and contrast adjustments along with assistance from CameraBag, I got what I was looking for.






After the rain

Nature is glorious and for this, I am thankful.

I am also thankful that it is Sunday morning, and I still have more weekend to enjoy!

(In the spirit of giving thanks this month, I've been bolding what I'm thankful for in all my November posts!)

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