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Hello! I'm Ai. And Ai loves a lot of things: eating, drinking, photography, travel, hiking, biking, camping, dancing.... Ai could go on.

While I have an almost full-time day job, I spend countless hours daydreaming about lots of other things I want to do. I get out there as much as I can to experience this wonderful world and enrich my life. All things big and small bring such joy to my life, from a little flower in my garden to skydiving over the Pacific Ocean!

I have a strange memory capacity. I can remember the finest detail about certain things, like the time in Argentina I fell down a flight of stairs in the pouring rain (kind of hard to forget that I guess!), but I can never remember what I ate at an amazing restaurant. So I'm starting up this blog to help my aging brain out a bit, plus share all those things that Ai loves. Happy reading!


Life is good--Enjoy the little things!

Yee ha!

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