Another day

Yesterday was a massively unproductive day. I finished work early and was home by 1 pm. Hit with an extreme case of the munchies and the lazies, I sat on the couch, watching tv, surfing the Internet, and eating my way through an embarrassingly large quantity of junk food. We're talking large. It is amazing how much I can cram into my stomach.

So I woke up this morning with a food hangover, where every drop of water that's in my cells gets sucked out trying to replenish my salty overdose. But I'm happy because it's another day today, and so far, I've been productive and back to healthy eating. I even made my bed this morning. (Actually, I make my bed most mornings, I'm just going to give myself a pat on the back for doing it today.)

Woo hoo! Bed is made!

I need to keep the momentum tonight, because that's when the couch usually beckons. The plan for this evening is to tackle the insanely huge piles of clutter that are growing by the minute on my dining room table.

Yowsers! Good thing I don't eat here.

But I do eat here. Maybe if I keep it like this, I won't eat?

I also made a short To Do list that I must dive into soon, especially since I gave myself a deadline. Let's go!!

45 days

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