Dinner with Friends and an Epic Breakfast

Gathered last night for a birthday dinner for my great friend, who I've known since high school. I found an old letter she wrote me 19 years ago almost to the day and "gifted" it back to her. I'm such a hoarder and have boxes full of old letters, photos and other mementos. But I'm glad I am. We were in stitches reading this and reminiscing. The irony too was how in the letter she wrote to me about a boy she was dating. Just so happens that his name was the same as her husband's.

Good times with good friends

Happy Birthday my friend

Today, I woke up and was in the mood for a huge breakfast. Plus, I'm heading out for a hike and need the fuel. Omelettes are my fave and I cleaned out the fridge for the ingredients.

Mmm... bacon (but turkey, so healthy!)

Something about cooking on a cloudy day is so relaxing.

I have no idea how baristas make those designs with milk.

Now that I have a happy belly, gotta pack up and go hiking. It will be good to be outside, soaking up nature and fresh air. And of course, take photos!

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