Mom's Cooking

Took an impromptu visit over to my parents' house today, which turned into a Thanksgiving warmup. I spent so much time eating that I didn't take any photos of all the homemade yumminess. Nothing ever beats Mom's cooking. I finally managed to stop eating and took the dogs on a walk around the neighborhood. Their neighborhood has some lovely tree-lined streets and that crisp fall air was so refreshing!

Mom's dog + my guys = one Ai with two sore arms

Of course I left with tons of food to bring home. Huge potstickers that mom had picked up from Grandpa, beef stew, onion pancakes and lots of fruit from my grandparents' ranch.

Mom likes to double and triple wrap things.
It makes it harder for me to get to all at once.

I wasn't very hungry for dinner tonight, but I needed to make a dent in all the food I had in the fridge. I decided it would be best to finish up my own leftovers before diving into this new batch. I had made an Indonesian ginger chicken a few nights ago, via Ina Garten. Super simple and super delicious. I ended up stir frying some baby bok choy and Japanese eggplant with the leftover chicken for a healthy and light dish. 

Bad photo, good dish

Now that my belly is full (it is really never empty), I'm brewing up a pot of hot tea and relaxing for the rest of the evening. What a lovely Sunday!

(In the spirit of giving thanks this month, I'm bolding what I'm thankful for!)

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