Weeks 43 and 44, not much more!

Hitting the home stretch! And I swear I will be caught up before the last week hits.

295: The Giants are in the playoffs! Went to the local sports pub for beer, fries and baseball! And we won!

296: Me and my udon. 

297: More noodles with some soup. I love just throwing in everything left in the fridge into these meals.

298: Back to the sports bar for quesadillas and baseball. Another win for the Giants!

299: Some store-bought ravioli with store-bought tomato sauce. Some nights just call for store-bought.

300: Friday morning I had some free time to make a nice breakfast. With bacon of course.

301: Up to the city to root on the Giants. Margaritas help with the rooting. Giants win again! 

302: Took a good long hike with the dogs and friends. Rewarded ourselves with burgers at Alice's. So pooped afterwards that I watched the Giants game at home. And they won the World Series! Yippee!

303: Some butternut squash chili, made a while ago and frozen. Great to have an instant meal when I get home!

304: Made a ton of turkey meatballs. I wasn't supposed to eat all of them... but I did.

305: Lunch at the desk. Lunch is ALWAYS at the desk. Thought I'd snap a shot of the pho. Pho sho!

306: Love the texture of lotus root. And it is so pretty to look at! Stir-fried it with some port and soy sauce. Easy peasy!

307: Night out with the buddies. Took them to Mission Chinese, which unfortunately was not as good as it used to be.

308: Made some fish tacos. Inspired by this post and the last photo on Sprouted Kitchen, and I threw some avocado into the poblano sauce. Unfortunately, evening iphone photos just don't look quite the same as their photos. 


November Mood Board

Well, hello there! It finally feels like fall, with that crisp breeze in the air that I love so much. My garden is a mess though and hasn't been tended to in over a month.

The grass is overgrown, the trees need trimming, and the vegetable patch needs to be overturn. There are still a few veggies that are popping up though.

I found this pop of color amongst the overgrown greens.

So right now, I can't muster the motivation to pull out my SLR and take photos. When I look at Karin A's mood board, I'm a bit embarrassed to post these blurry Ai-phone pics. But the reality it, I'm addicted to my Ai-phone and all the photo editing apps! They don't always make bad pictures look good, but it's convenient.

Happy November!

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