Nature's mood board

It's that time of month--posting my mood board with the finds in my garden. (Thanks to Karin A for the inspiration!) While the temperature has dropped at night and some rain has fallen, there are still some flowers insisting on adding color to the browns. The bougainvillea has turned a deep red, the calla lilies are starting to bloom, and there was one rose left on the bush.

Aren't these colors perfect for Christmas? They definitely are putting me in the holiday spirit.

In fact, these colors inspired me to start some holiday decorating. I spent yesterday up on the roof hanging lights and wrapped my arms around the big magnolia tree so that now it glows and sparkles! I have had a small potted tree for the last two years, but I do miss having a big tree. The magnolia does a good job in its place and everyone in the neighborhood gets to enjoy the decorations!

But it's still November, and I'm just about done with my thankful project. I'm hoping to post it tomorrow. (I've been hinting at what I'm doing herehere and here.)

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  1. This is so so lovely! I love that you have flowers now. :) Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!


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