Travel Memories

I have been so fortunate to explore the world. My first flight was when I was 8 or 9 and I went to Florida with my parents. My first international trip was when I was 12, and I went to Taiwan for a month to see a childhood friend. One of my favorite travel adventures was the one that I started out completely on my own. It was 1998, and I trekked through Europe, backpacking and doing a bit of studying for 6 weeks. The whole experience of staying in hostels, meeting strangers, and experiencing different cultures is something I wish everyone could have.

June 20, 1998.
Loved lists then, still love 'em now!

It's funny to read through my journal:

"June 22. Cambridge... Had a stuffed baguette. Soooo good! Cambridge has some gorgeous architecture. Didn't want to pay the money to get in though." 

Oh, the life of a student!

A piece of my scrapbook

I started out in London, spent a night in Cambridge and drank a few beers at a local pub. I'm surprised I went to a pub on my own back then. Then I headed back to London.

Royal Albert Hall

"June 23. Stonehenge...Found this path away from the crowds... Just open space, no trails, few markings, and lots of cows. Cool to be out in the open...Cows kept getting up when I walked by. 'No, no please--no need to stand.' Sometimes I crack myself up."

As I read through my old journal, I can tell I wasn't appreciating each moment as I would now. And yet I still knew to chronicle everything, as if I knew later on, I would look at this again and see things in a whole new light.

After 4 days in England, I headed to France. To be continued...

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