The day after

What a great meal last night, courtesy of my younger sister. She and her roommates made a meal for 9, plus leftovers for a million! I think it was the first time she held a dinner party and she did a fantastic job. I'm so proud of her. I think my parents were too. My mom said she was glad she passed down her cooking gene. I am too! 

I brought her and her boyfriend a nice dessert wine, which I wrapped in some tissue paper and ribbon, both "gently used," as I'm big into reusing. I refuse to buy wrapping paper and wine bottle bags; there are so many other options! I took a leaf and made it into a gift tag. So easy and making use of nature too! 

And now, some photos of the evening!


Mom's sticky rice stuffing, best stuffing ever!

My pumpkin cheesecake
Life is good, really good

Pleeeeeaseee? Anything???
(I let him lick the remains off my plate when I was done)

And now I'm off for a hike in the redwoods! Burn off those biscuits, baby!

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