Sunny California

The weather has been spectacular this weekend in the Bay Area. And to think it's snowing on the East Coast! Not missing NYC this weekend at all. But I will say I do miss the east coast falls. Leaves don't change much around here, or at least not in my garden.

I've been inspired by Karin A over here and want to take her up on her challenge of creating a monthly mood board. However, my garden finds are filled with what I would typically associate with Spring!

It will be interesting to see what November brings to my garden and seeing how these mood boards change.

In the meantime, these bright colors are inspiring me to get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather!

View from Moss Beach Distillery

Pillar Point Harbor


Strolling along Pillar Point

Driving along 92
Now this seems like fall!


  1. So very lovely and inspiring! I'm happy to see some more spring like moodboards as well. This will be such a fun challenge. Thank you for participating and happy Sunday!

  2. What lovely flowers you hav left outside. Its nice to see your moodboard.

  3. Quite a difference from my autumn.....
    Have a great day :)


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