Random thoughts and yippees

1. How is it that I get rid of the cable and now I'm watching MORE tv than I did when I had cable? I only have 5 channels! I will say that I could watch Sesame Street for hours. One of my all-time favorites:

And I have been seriously enjoying The New Girl. This scene just tickles me pink:

You have to watch the beginning of the episode to get the whole chicken dance history. But let's just say, next wedding I go to where they start playing a slow song, I'm doing this dance. It's kooky, and I like kooky.

2. Speaking of kooky, I was driving to work yesterday and while waiting at the stoplight, noticed that out of the 10 or so cars that passed me, only one driver was smiling. Everyone else looked so somber. I realized that I look somber when I'm driving. So I smiled. Just a big wide smile the whole commute. Luckily my commute is 10 minutes, as my cheek muscles were getting kind of sore. I have to say, it was quite therapeutic. I chuckled at myself more than a few times, making that smile real. Try it sometime. It's hard to curse at the slow car in front of you when you have a smile on your face.

Me in the sea of somber drivers (source)

3. Some other things that bring a smile to my face:

These paper animals found on Sweet Paul

My pups:

This lady

That's gonna be me when I'm 90. Maybe without the puffy yellow jacket, but I'll definitely be boogying.

4. And my "Yippee!" for today:

 from katie evans

I need to learn how to do animated gifs. So cool! But that's for later cuz I'm off to enjoy a gorgeous day!

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