Hidden treasures

It's a rainy Monday here, which is fine because I'm working and can't be out enjoying the day. Sorry to those who have the day off, but at least the weekend was beautiful!

I've been exploring SF all week; it would be so lovely if I could have a house here. I would step out on the little balcony of this Victorian in the mornings...

Run off to the corner market for some bread...


Grab a latte at the cafe...

Bottom of the cup

While staring out the large windows, daydreaming...

What a fantastic day that would be!

This past weekend, I headed over to Treasure Island, a treasure indeed. It's totally run down, but there is so much potential there.



This could be our Granville Island, with fresh produce markets, art galleries, and cute indie craft stores. I ended up buying a lot of wine and enjoying the Blue Angels. So much better here than the Marina.


Explored the area on foot, found a vegetable patch and enjoyed some freshly picked snap peas that may or not have been meant for the solo wanderer to pick.

Some other TI shots:


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