A garden at its full potential

Still searching for the perfect gardener. Well, not really. I just know I need one, and I keep hoping one will just drop in my lap. Kind of like the perfect man. I might just have to ask my neighbor to loan me hers (the gardener, not her man).

But in the meantime, I tried to attack the weeds and lay down some tarp that I found in the tool shed to prevent their regrowth. I also took to clearing out some of the dying veggies. I grow lettuce every year, and yet, I never harvest what grows. I don't know why. I just let them grow and grow until they start bolting. And then I end up buying lettuce at the farmer's market. Anyhow, as I tore out the lettuce, I was admiring the end product of the lettuce. Maybe that's why I let them bolt. Just to let them grow to their full potential. Or I'm just lazy.

After tearing out the lettuce, I took to the peas, chives and a variety of herbs. Yes, I let them all grow to their full potential.

Dried out pea pods. They look like aliens

Chives. I really like the dried out flowers



These guys never quite made it to their full potential
Anyhow, I still have to trim the hedges and rake the leaves. Prune the plum tree. Mow the front lawn. Weed, weed and weed. Pull out the overgrown banana canna (I really don't wanna banana canna... ok, that was bad). And by the time I finish all that, I'll have to do it all over again. Aaaackkk!!!!! Must... get... help...

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