My garden

Dear Garden,

I love you, I truly do.
When we first met three years ago, you were run down.

But with some hard work and little sweat (ok, a lot of sweat)
I helped to mend you.

We created a lovely relationship.
So many days spent together.
You've given me so many gifts.
We have run around and played together.
We have enjoyed evenings watching movies together.
We have sat in silence, and it has all been glorious.

I have loved your colors, your shapes
You have welcomed my friends, my family.
You have been wonderful.

But you have let yourself go... I know that's just your nature.
You've let your branches run wild

Your grasses grow long

You throw your leaves all over the place

You've spread yourself past your boundaries.

I need some space
It's me, not you.

I've tried to do it on my own.
But I can't.
It's just too hard.

We need help. I know we've tried in the past.
And they never really seemed to care to get to know you.
Just in and out, on auto-pilot.
I'll find someone good, I promise.
We can both be happy...

Yeah, it's time to get a gardener. I'm giving in.

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