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Someone please stop me! I start reading one blog, and the next thing you know, I've clicked on a dozen links, found new blogs and become totally overwhelmed at all the talent out there.  How can so many beautiful and amazing things out there overwhelm me? I feel inspired at the same time, and just want to start getting my hands in another project. Yet I can't tear myself away from the computer to get anything done!

Today, it started with decorology. As I read through today's post, this photo caught my eye:

The style is not really my type, but I loved the detail along the side of the table. Then I thought, wouldn't it be nice to find some kind of molding, stain it and add it to my plain farm table? Then I had to find out where the original post came from, which led me to Kitchenisms. I had to go back to March 2010 to find the source, and of course the title is Modern Luxe. Ties in with my Lady Luxe dining room theme!

Well, Kitchenisms is just a feast for the eyes, and going through all the posts just had me drooling. Of course, going through them, I found this. Jag gilla! Then I found this, which led me to this and this (which I haven't even read yet but the title spoke to me). And then I found this and this. And then I had to force myself to close everything because things were just getting out of hand. I am now subscribed to 100 blogs, it's like an addiction reading these things!

So to try to curb my addiction, I decided to go shopping instead and purchase this cute stamp set that I had noticed the other day. 


But it had sold out! Boo hoo. Now what to do? Oh, I guess I could work. Sigh.

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