Week 5, still alive

And I'm not referring to all the activity I'm doing. With all the food I'm eating, I'm surprised I haven't had a coronary yet. Of course, I had to stick in a shot of some healthy eating, but my photos are only a part of my reality. For example, here's reality: that shot in #34? Holy crap, Hawaiian nachos with salmon lomo and pulled pork. I ate the whole thing in one sitting. Walking the dogs afterwards did little to help me burn that one off.

Food Week 5

It's also getting tough to get a different perspective of some of my activities, since they are the same each week. But I guess it challenges my creativity! So far this year, I've spun 8 times and done 6 rounds of yoga. It will be interesting when the year's over to see what the final numbers are.

Activity Week 5

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