Ikea hacks = Ai-kea furniture

Originally, the back wall of my old office/junk room just had some floating shelves, which had come with the house. I hated the wall sconces, but just left them there.

As the idea for a new space, my creativity space (sigh, I need a name!), started to form, I decided I wanted some built-ins. But I don't really have the budget for it.

Source: houzz.com

I like how the back of these shelves have color.

I drool over this space. So many shelves and lots of table space!

Cluttered and yet at the same time, it screams creativity to me.

I told myself once I had a real job, I would stop buying Ikea furniture. But it is so versatile. And hackable!! And you can always find it on Craigslist. My goal was to create a shelving/workstation using as much repurposed furniture as I could. I took some measurements and sketched out a design.

Based on my measurements, some Ikea Billy shelves, along with my Ikea Alex drawers and tabletop that I already had, would all fit.

I actually found one white non-Ikea shelf on Craigslist for $30.

I painted the back with a color I found in the bargain bin at Home Depot. I'm not sure if I like it, but I have so many books that I don't think it will really show.

The shelf on top of the Alex drawers fit the space quite perfectly. I tried to anchor the shelf to the wall, but I had a light fixture going through the back of the shelf. And it made it impossible to see the back. You see that hole in the back of the shelf? That was after I gave up trying to be a nifty electrician. I know, sounds confusing. I'll explain more about my electrical endeavors later. Anyhow, I think I managed to get one screw into a wall anchor. I'll just keep the heavy stuff on the bottom and hope I'm not standing next to it when an earthquake hits.

Next I found two Billy bookcases, but one was grey. I had another idea for that one. But the white one was to mirror the first. Turned out it was a bit too tall.

The saw came out and some trimming was done.

I didn't have another Alex drawer, and the closest thing I could find that would match its height was my old dog crate. I used it temporarily to ensure the shelf would fit the space. (Oh yes, and the shelves are both installed upside down.)

I was anxious to get this shelf up, so I needed to get a more permanent solution for the base. I was hoping to find another Alex drawer on Craigslist. I actually had but when I went to buy it, it was already gone! Since I love the drawers so much, I decided that I would purchase a new one, which has been one of my few new purchases for this room.

Of course, that also meant this:

With the frame of the drawer finished, I propped up my shelf and secured everything to the wall. I had more success with this one.

Then I brought in my old tabletop, and did a little happy dance when it fit!

Total spent so far: Two bookshelves $60. New Alex drawer $110. Bargain paint $2.

Next, I'll show you my attempts at electrical wiring.


  1. Wow, you are so creative! You have now inspired me to tackle my own office. What a great transformation. And I love your wall mural!

    1. Thanks Susan! Still lots to do, and the mural is inspired by one of your photos! So thank YOU for the inspiration!


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