More Instagram fun

Ever since I discovered Instagram, I've been using it. A lot. I use it for my 366 projects. I use it when I don't feel like bringing around my camera. I was out and about in SF yesterday, enjoying the beautiful day and the lovely surroundings.


A free Friday

A woman saw me taking this photo and asked me if the iPhone was any good at taking these shots (it was a shadowy and narrow stairway). She was surprised I was using a 3G, as she had the same one, and said her photos never turned out. Photo editing apps I told her, amazing what they can do!

Looking for inspiration

I think I will paint a canvas using this as inspiration.

Enjoying a day off

Banker and Baker bakery. Had their cream cheese muffin, yum!

Sparkles from above

I took this one a few weeks ago at a concert at the Fillmore. I love that place. And the lights. It looks better on the iPhone since it's blurry, but I love the lines. Like a spider web.

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