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When I was in Napa last weekend, I dined at Morimoto's, which was fantastic! I especially remember the dessert, kabocha squash cake. I put a note amongst the 5 million other ones in my head to try to make this at home.

Then I came across an announcement this past Friday for a cupcake contest at Omnivore Books. I've wanted to visit Omnivore Books for a while. And I've been dabbling in a few cooking contests. Ok, just one, but I've been wanting to do more.

Sooooo, I thought I'd kill like ten birds in one. Make a kabocha squash cupcake. Compete in a cooking contest. Visit Omnivore Books. Well, that's three. And do it all in a few hours.

Saturday morning, I headed over to the farmer's market and got some squash. The plan, freshly pureed squash, replacing the pumpkin in one of my favorite cupcake recipes. (Actually, it's the only one I've made in the last six months.) The kitchen was a mess, as I was experimenting with some frosting ideas along with trying to roast the squash and get it pureed.

I decided on a marscapone frosting. But unfortunately, it came out lumpy, which I believe is due to the fact that the ingredients were not at room temperature. With no butter left and only 20 minutes left before I had to leave, I just used it since it still tasted good. I knew I wasn't going to win any contests, but what the heck was I going to do with 70 mini cupcakes?

I got to Omnivore Books just as the contest was about to start. The place was packed! And not just with people, but with cupcakes! Holy cow, I was floored!

I was contestant #31. I think there were 33 total. And about 100 people jammed into a teeny space, which by the way, was adorable!

I think the white one with the purply frosting won. It was quite a pretty cake, but too lemony for me. The tally was released...

Woo hoo, I got some votes!

So where's my cupcake you ask? Well, after all was said and done, I never got to taking a good shot of mine. But I have a few extras left over, so when the light is good, I'll take a few and post the recipe.

After the contest, I stuck around and perused the shelves.

I bought a book on chickens. I'm getting chickens one of these days.

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