365 + 1, Week eight, never too late!

... to learn something new. This week, I learned (rather realized via autocorrect) that it's brussels sprouts, not brusssel sprouts. And yes, named after Brussels. (Love Wikipedia!)

Aaaanyhew, I can't believe two months have gone by. It's almost March!

I made some yummy meals at home, including some kabocha squash gnocchi. And brussels sprouts (with bacon, as I don't think there is any other way. They should just make some hybrid sprout that already has bacon in it.) I realize if I plan the week's meal ahead of time, I do better at making them.

Food Week Eight

Weather here has been quite nice, and while I still haven't gotten the real bike out, I did do some swimming and a longer run. Legs are still sore from that one. Goal: real bike next week!

Activity Week Eight

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  1. great photos of your "life" i like the layout too! thanks for stopping by and commenting on my photography!


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