365 + 1, Week seven, not quite heaven

Ok, I don't know at what point I decided to try to write little rhymes, but it's not working very well. And with 52 weeks, that means three more times I'm gonna have to find a word that rhymes with seven.

Aaaanyhew, it was a bit rough this week. My body was trying to fight off something, which made me tired, forgetful, and hungry. I didn't take a photo of one day of activity and another day, didn't have any activity to take a photo of. That same day, I ate a burger for dinner, but I forgot to take a photo of the burger.

Activity Week Seven

Food Week Seven

Had brunch at a friend's on Sunday, tried to cook at home during the week, and ended with cupcakes (not pictured) and meatballs with a friend. I ate a lot of spinach this week. And polenta. I used my grandpa's cornmeal to make that, it was quite tasty. I also bought this excellent smoked olive oil and strawberry balsamic when I was in Napa. I used the balsamic on my spinach, which was sooooo good! And the smoked olive oil went on just about everything else. 

Still kind of headachy with a sore neck today. I do believe that what I eat and how I work out influences how my body feels. I've decided to keep a food and fitness journal for the next few months (or at least try to) and see if I can correlate what foods make me feel bad.

This big F does not look promising. But it is pretty!

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