365 + 1, Week six, some decadent picks

This week, I had the pleasure of hosting a great friend at my house and showing her why the Bay Area is the best! We dined in SF and I took her for a lovely day trip of wine tasting and more eating in Napa. We actually went to places I had never been to either, and we were both pleased with the finds. My favorite was Morimoto Napa. Their attention to detail was divine. The hamachi tartare was an artful masterpiece and brought happiness to my mouth!

Food Week 6

Still managed to stay active while she was here, although one night, after a full day of work and then dinner, I only managed a 5-minute yoga routine before bed. But it's better than nothing!!

Activity Week 6

Read more about my dining adventures on Yelp:
The Girl and the Fig
Morimoto Napa

And still dreaming of the day I get to visit this place...

one day...

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