More Ai-kea hacks

The bones of my art studio are together, but I'm still working on the... guts. Meaning, trying to organize everything so they are all in place. I created another work space on the side using the gray Billy bookcase.

I took it apart, placing one of the sides on top of an Ikea Lack floating shelf that I already had. 

Then I attached the other side to make a larger table. I used some 2x4's to hold it together. But this was not stable at all. I went to the tool shed and found a 4x4. 

But too short! So I scrounged around, and I found this. I think I had bought it for my garden fence, but never used it

Hello! Happy dance when it fit perfectly under the table! (Don't you love how I just build things on the fly?)

I will admit, it's still not incredibly stable. Highly advise happy dances not be done ON the table.

I tried to use some wall brackets, but even with wall anchors, it pulled out some of the drywall. Oops.

I concocted some open drawers using the shelf components, hanging them with some eye screws, as well as screwing them into the 2 x 4's

Perfect for all my sketchbooks, which get half used and then I lose them in a closed drawer. 

Finally, I repurposed the brown Ikea shelf and put wheels on them. This way I can pull it out and access my Alex drawers. I also have this idea of rolling it out and using it for food photography, since this room has great light. 

Can you see how I repurposed all my floating shelves in the new space?

Now it's time to organize everything in its place, put on some labels, hang some drapes, painting touch-ups, oh and a few more hacks. This will take me... well, I bet you this will be an endless project.

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