Ok, so I found another photography project. Aack. That would be Project Numero Cuatro. (#1 and 2 here, #3 here). But they are so much fun!

Today, it's Kat's Exploring with a Camera series. Luckily, this one is just monthly. As this is my first one, and the linkup is expiring, I decided to look at my archives. But perhaps for the next one, with some more time to go out with my camera, I'll be able to post some more recent images.

This month's topic was Silhouettes. As I was looking through my archives, I was surprised at how many silhouette images I had. A couple of other interesting things I noted:

Instagram fun

1) I took most of these photos with my Ai-phone.

A year ago today


A new year...

2) Sunsets play heavily in these shots.

Treasure Island

TI Music Fest

3) For most of these photos, when I took them, I wasn't consciously thinking, "Oh, look at that lovely silhouette!" I remember being mesmerized by the colors rather than the shapes. However, subconsciously, I think I was appreciating the silhouettes. All my sunset photos have some object that gets highlighted and it's what I appreciate now when I look at them again. I think that's why I've always loved watching sunsets. Not just for the color, but for the shapes they bring out.

TI Music

This one above is my favorite. So many different shapes, along with the fun sentiment behind the ferris wheel, and the city I love in the background.


This is one I took with my Nikon. I'm like Kat, in that I love the shapes of trees against the sky. 

Looking forward to more exploration. I know I've always loved photography, but these little projects tell me why.


  1. How cool! It's interesting to discover that sometimes when you think you are taking a photo of one thing (the colors of the sunsets) you are actually capturing something else at the same time (the silhouettes and shapes). None of these images would be effective if they didn't have those silhouettes in them. Lovely! I'm so glad you decided to join us Exploring with a Camera. I look forward to seeing more from you!

  2. Your two palm trees are my faves in this-but wowza you got a lot of great shots (seemingly w/out trying). The ferris wheel is a fascinating subject and against that sky-you really hit it. Glad your "exploring". I find this one of the best places for info and adding it to those photo projects (they do have a way of multiplying) is usually worth it. Happy day to you.

  3. love, love, love your sunset photos. I especially like the one with the ferris wheel. Beautiful shot!


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