Brunch with friends

My friend has the most lovely house in Oakland. It's old and seems like just the place to hold lots of memories. Every time I go to her and her husband's house, I find something new that makes me smile. There is also so much natural light and I love taking photos here.

While their kitchen could use some updating (which is next on their project list), it has some great light and a cute vintage stove. I love this painting hanging there as well.

A cup of coffee

Brunch at her place is always such a treat. I love her serving plates and the food is always delicious!

   Brunch with friends

After stuffing ourselves, we take a stroll through the neighborhood. Always such a pleasant walk, especially now with lots of signs of Spring.





I've already been to their house for brunch the last two Sundays, and another one is planned the first Saturday in March. Can't wait!

In love with the light
In love with the light

(I've linked this post to focus52, which is a great project I just found that prompts you weekly with a theme. I'm not sure I'll be able to do every week, as I already have two 366 projects! But it just so happened that my photos from the weekend fit the theme, so I get to join in on the fun!)



  1. Beautiful shots! and what a great friend!
    I'd love a Sunday Brunch :)

    Welcome to focus52!

  2. fantastic shots and i can see why you love to go there! i wish my house had lots of natural light, but unfortunately it faces north which makes it limited.

  3. What a wonderful visit, and I envy her that light. Our home has such tiny windows...ugh! I really love the sepia toned glass shot...wow!

  4. awesome and beautiful shots...of the food, flowers, paintings around the house. very nice!


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