Procrastinating at work again, I came across this fun magazine, Styled. Beautiful photos, great ideas, and now a screenful of bloggers on my computer. I kept clicking on the links to all the blog contributors that were new to me (which is a lot since I'm a beginner to this whole blog thing). Since I didn't have time at work to look over their pages, my computer screen now has about 10 pages on it, waiting for me to peruse. I guess this will be my bedtime reading. 

Anyhow, back to the magazine. My favorite piece was "140 Characters: Illustrated desserts to cozy up with... in 140 characters or less." Such amazing drawings by Amanda Waggoner

My only complaint was the Meat for Him...

vs. the Meat for Her. 

I mean, come on! I want the big T-bone. Yum.

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