Vancouver Day 2

Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity and gastronomic delights. The highlights:

- Porcetta sandwich at Meat & Bread. Tender succulent goodness

- Inuit prints exhibit at the Museum of Anthropology. No photos allowed in that particular exhibit, but loved the work by James Houston. I also loved all the drawers you could go through with additional artifacts.

- Negi turkey dog at Japadog. Ten different choices of dogs and I could only eat one :-(. Next trip must span 10 days so I can have a new one every day!

- Parliament cocktail at The Diamond. Cachaca with fernet branca. New tastes, cool space
- Gnocchi with chanterelles and goat cheese at the bar in Boneta. Melt in your mouth yumminess! And the bartender was a cutie too!
- Sleep at Urban Hideaway Guesthouse. My dream of running a little B&B would be modeled after this place.

Last few hours here before I head back to Seattle. A stop through Grainville market and an attempt to eat more at Vij's before a spa stop in Lynwood and dinner with friends. It's been a fabulous birthday vacation!

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