not having a dead computer

There are two things that I am absolutely not handy with and should never ever tinker with--cars and computers. I once tried to change the air filter in my car and ended up causing about $5000 in damage. Luckily, rather than spend the money, the car was able to run, albeit crappily, for a few more years on duct tape. True story.

Another true story, unfortunately, is that I tinkered with my laptop and after all was said and done, ended up erasing my hard drive. Sigh. At least I was smart enough to back up my files, but I don't do it frequently enough. Lost about one month of stuff, which was basically a lot of photos. I had edited a bunch of older ones, and my new Vancouver ones are gone too. Luckily, I put some on this blog so the blog comes to the rescue!

Also coming to the rescue is Pig from Pearls Before Swine. This is my favorite comic strip and a dose of pig always lifts my mood. Also, the weekend is here and I'm off to enjoy the last days of summer! Cheers!

See, things could always be worse

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