I've always loved taking photographs and chronicling all the events going on in life. I have a plethora of scrapbooks from my college years and after. With the digital age, my photos have started to just become boxes on a screen. As I get older and busier, with more responsibilities and commitments, I have a harder time remembering my memories!

Blogs seem to be a nice way to combine my love of photography and journaling. I've always written in journals too. I still have my journals from when I was a wee little one. It's quite funny to read the old entries.

Anyhow, today I'm starting this blog. Who knows how long I'll stick with it and who's ever going to read it. But it helps me make room in my brain for more memories, if that makes any sense. You know that scene from Harry Potter where Dumbledorf extracts his memories into that pensieve? This blog is my pensieve.

So on this lovely labor day weekend I'm stuck in town working. But it's slow, so what better time to flip through old photos and recount travels from the past? The way past...we're going back to 1998, when I backpacked through Europe. I've blown off the dust from my journal and scrapbook and want to restore those memories here. It will probably take a while to transfer some of the photos, but let's see what I can bring to the new world.

The red scarf of Pamplona peeping out

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