365 + 1, Week Twelve and Thirteen, no calm foreseen

A poet I'm not. It's been another crazy two weeks. I'm pooped.

Food Week 12

I've been really cutting down on carbs, although I give myself a day or two in the week to have a bit more, usually in the form of beer.

Food Week 13

I forgot to take day 87 of food. So I took one of my extremely early morning cup of jo on day 88 to make up for it. Coffee is food!

Activity Week 12

Activity has pretty much been squeezing in walks with my dogs and spin.

Activity Week 13

Alas, could not squeeze much of anything in this past week.

After 91 days, I've done about 14 sessions of yoga, 19 spin classes, and run about 9 times. With the way my schedule has been lately, I've decided to drop this 366 project. For sure, I'll still be active, but how many times can I take an interesting photo of a spin class?

So it will just be 366 Days of Food. Only 275 more days to go!

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