Capturing Coachella

This past weekend I traveled south to Indio, CA, for the Coachella music festival. It was so nice to get away from the stress of things up here. Unfortunately, the stress really beat up my immune system, so the entire weekend of music was overshadowed by some sort of laryngitis, achy-all-over, headachy, sneezy thing.

to infinity and beyond

And it was hot! 100+ degrees hot. And of course the day we left, it cooled down to 80. Ah well.


What I love about music festivals is the energy. Even in 100+ degree weather, people are still dancing and singing (although much of it is under much influence of other things). For me, the music can take me over, bring goosebumps, smiles and even tears.


I love capturing those moments as well, but unfortunately, no big cameras are allowed. (Although I did see plenty around so I'm sure people smuggled them in.)

Still, there were plenty of things to take photos of with my Ai-phone. It was also a fun challenge to try and find different ways of capturing some of the scenes there.

recycled inspirations

The art installations were just fantastic. Colorful, peculiar, creative, and just plain cool.

Mmm... palm tree


monster flower

the do lab

I thought this one was fun. It was from the guys over at the Do LaB. It reminded me of Marge and Bart. 


rays of light

I took a million shots of the balloons. They just made me happy.

al lined up

And of course there was the ferris wheel. There are a million photos on Instagram of Le Grande Roue, some of them really creative, like this and this. I'm particularly fond of the one I took :-)

Le Grande Roue

There are a lot of cool pics over on Instagram of the Coachella festivities. Feel free to follow me at ailoves to see my favs!

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