It's what I'm looking for now. But life is just not so simple. Making decisions that could alter the course of your life, trying to decide which path to take, it's all such a challenge. Especially when you don't really like any of the paths. And trying to create a new more desirable path isn't easy either, especially when you're not sure how.

What lies ahead...

Yes, this is how the path is looking right now.

There is beauty along that path. I'm just having trouble finding time to enjoy it.

Magnolia love

And when I do find the time, my mind is preoccupied with... everything.

Looking up

I'd love to have a few moments to just gaze at my surroundings in awe, like a child without a care in the world.


Enjoy the sun as it peeks through the clouds and shines on my face...

Light shines on

I'm looking to keep the thoughts in my mind to a minimum. To just have some peace and quiet in there, even if just for a day.

Fading tulip

(I'm linking up with Focus52. The prompt this week is Minimal, which Janice ties in with keeping things simple. It's definitely what I'm looking for in my life right now.)



  1. Such a gorgeous flower. Those reds mixed in with the yellow... Aw!

  2. Such great shots!
    I particularly like the first one - the sign.

    Thanks for linking up this week :)

  3. I love your beautiful photos. Life certainly does have it's ups and downs, bumps and potholes...but have hope, you will find the right path!

  4. I have tagged you in a little blog project I'm taking part in called "Getting to know you"...if you are interested in taking part. No pressure, just thought I'd throw it out to you. www.dailylifestuff.blogspot.com


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