Week 29 and 30, getting down and dirty

Ok, not really, but I couldn't think of anything that rhymes with thirty.

197: Headed over to the folks for mom's cooking. I tend to just inhale everything when I'm there, it's always quite tasty. And there's always some leftovers for later!
198: Mom sent me home with some green beans, so I made a quick stir fry
199: Tuesday night went to a yakitori with friends. This was a tako yaki. Octopus. So if I had octopus Mexican style, would it be a tako taco? (dang, I crack myself up)
200: I made dinner! Hooray. I pickled the one cucumber from my garden and made some pasta. It felt good to cook
201: Different night, same dinner. Leftovers tend to happen when you're cooking for one.
202: My first Happy Hour in god knows how long. Went to a fun hipster spot in Oakland, Make Westing. Or Make Tipsy in my case, as I was extremely that afterwards.
203: Barbecue at a friend's, where there was a ridiculous amount of food. More leftovers for me!
204: A salad with some orzo pasta
205: Leftover hamburger from the bbq with cheese, no bun, and avocado
206: Dinner at the desk (I should start a new series with these photos), take out ramen
207:  Home for dinner, made some pasta with peas and scallops. It was kind of gross, but I was too hungry to care
208: Dinner at the desk, part II. Pho and egg rolls
210a: Missed 209 because nothing was very appetizing to take a photo of. Made up for it yesterday by making a lovely and huge post-run pasta salad. I was planning on eating the homemade popsicle too but I couldn't get it out of the damn plastic, and just the stick part came out. Argh!
210b: Spent all day walking in Golden Gate Park so was too beat to cook. Went to my fav Burmese place for some takeout.

Things seem to be calming down a bit, so I might be able to post some of the photos I took this weekend along with some other projects I'm hoping to resume. Of course, tomorrow is Monday, so we'll see what craziness the work week brings!

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