Week 24 and 25, I'm still alive!

So here I am this morning, thinking I'll be right on time with my 366 posts. And then I realized I'm a week behind. Ah vell. The new business opened two weeks ago, and I'm just trying to keep my head above water. Food always helps.

162: These little guys are called taiyaki. Super cute and filled with something sweet. The Nutella ones were much too sweet for my taste, but the cream ones were a hit. From Sweet Breams.
163: A salad for dinner, simple and quick
164: A few berries picked from my garden and a chocolate popsicle for dessert
165: Sushi for dinner
166: Store-bought soup and a quick salad for dinner. Not much real cooking going on in my house the past few weeks
167: Pasta and sauce from Whole Foods. At least I brought out a pan and turned on the stove
168: I baked! My friends helped me out today so I thought I'd reward them with some homemade banana bread, blueberry coffee cake, and coffee bacon.
169: Father's Day dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant
170: 1st day of the new business, late dinner at the desk
171: Same salad, different day
172: My friend felt pity on me and made me dinner. Gobbled it all up before I could take  a photo. Got one of dessert instead. She made an insanely good mango rummy colada cocktail thingy
174a: Lost a day. Realized this the next morning at 5:20 am as I was brewing coffee.
174b: Brewed another cup and made an egg scramble
175: End of a crazy week. Still not cooking much. But luckily my friends are. Saturday brunch (and a few hours of watching fĂștbol, although I had a computer on my lap the whole time).

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