July Mood Board

I don't know, but the last three July's have been awful for me. I thought maybe this one might break the curse, but it ended with such disappointment personally, that I've decided July is just not my month. I've also decided that the letter "J" is my bad luck letter. Must stay away from the J.

Even my July Mood Board is a bit paltry. The tomatoes that I thought were going to come are still green. Just one little guy for July. Not many roses at all. A few dahlias. I had to scrounge around just to get some lavender cuttings. But I did put some work into the garden this past weekend, so hopefully August will bring better results.

So it's goodbye to July and looking forward to better days in August. It helps that August starts with my favorite letter. I have a feeling August will be good.

Yay for A!

(See my inspiration for these mood boards over at Karin A's blog!)


  1. Well, I hope that you do have a lovely August (and all subsequent months, too!). Your mood board is so pretty, with such rich colours. I can't grow anything =)

  2. Oh these are so sweet. Love them all! Have a wonderful Sunday! xo


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