Weeks 27 and 28, I'm not so late!

I am actually getting this post up relatively on time! Not that that means I'm caught up with work. I don't think I will ever be caught up, but at least I feel like I can breathe a little bit now.

But my mind is so preoccupied that I missed several days this week and honestly, can't even remember if I ate some days, although I know I did. It's all just a blur. But the photos that I do remember to take will be a nice reminder of what I managed to do when I tore myself away from the computer. (Although you will see that at least 4 of these photos were taken while I was working at the computer, and there were many more meals in front of the screen this week.)

183: Made it into the city to watch some Euro cup and have a ridiculously huge plate of nachos. I was supposed to go back to work afterwards, but that didn't happen.
186a: Completely missed Monday and Tuesday as I was being paid back for taking a little break on Sunday. Luckily, having Wednesday off helped me catch up, both on work and photos. Had a protein-rich breakfast and followed that with a run, yoga, and then a swim!
186b: Big salad post-workout and the computer
186c: Plum chutney and chicken, sort of in the Independence Day spirit with the color combo.
187: Leftovers and a fantastic brew called Winterwit from Almanac
188: Friday lunch in front of the computer. A banh mi sandwich from my neighborhood Pho Garden and some boba tea.
190a: Somehow missed Saturday. I actually took a leave from the home and office and went up to Sonoma for the day. Such a welcome distraction. Sunday, I dug into my plum cake from last week, which was luckily still edible.
190b: A pork and tofu stir fry, just like my mom would make
192a: Missed Monday. I think Mondays are pretty much spent eating in front of the computer these days. Breakfast of an egg white cheese omelette with salsa is pretty much what I have most mornings.
192b: Met up with some friends for dinner at some local Japanese place. I don't think cheesecake qualifies as Japanese, but it was still tasty
193: Sushi heaven
195: Another day missed. Friday evening in front of the computer again. The Signature salad with steak from Jeffrey's and onion rings. Plus a gallon of water afterwards from the major salt overload
196a: Working on Saturday. Pork belly banh mi and a Vietnamese iced tea. (Sorry Piglet!)
196b: Called it quits and went up to the city and tried out Canela. Really tasty tapas and sangria. I had a lot of sangria, it was fantastic!

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