Week 26, it's been a lot of pics!

I thought I'd post another 366 today, 1) to catch up and 2) to mark the mid-way point. It's been 26 weeks of food shots! Another 26 to go! Woohoo!

176: Made a trip to Ikea the day before and picked up some Swedish treats.
177: Bi-rite toffee crunch ice cream for dessert
178: Salmon salad from the gym, where I went to work off the ice cream. Good to hit the gym again.
179: I cooked. Finally. Nothing extravagant. Some pasta with scallops in a mushroom sauce
180: Liquid dinner
181: Bun at a Vietnamese place near my office. I've been to this place a dozen times now since moving to my new office.
182: Dinner at 31st Union, which just opened up in my neighborhood. Farm to table concept, wonderful decor, something our area needs. Looking forward to eating here more. Turns out my friend knows the owner (she didn't even realize this until we were in the restaurant and she saw him walking around the tables)! It was fun to hear about all the things he did for the restaurant opening, in case I ever want to live my pipe dream.

Wow, 182 pics. And another 184 to go, if I can keep up with this for another 26 weeks!

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