May mood board

Ok, so it's almost two weeks into June, and I have yet to post my May mood board. Better late than never. Last month's mood board will be brought to you today by Instagram.

A few roses are blooming. The bushes are quite old so they either produce faded blooms or massive ones that don't last very long. Probably should pull them out and start new.

I still think I pull my carrots too early, but the tops start getting really fat and they just don't seem to want to grow long.

Or they get kind of mutated.

I have a patch of sweet peas that is just heaven to walk through. Love the fragrance!

I kept cutting the flowers but I finally stopped cutting and the pea pods are coming out. The berry bushes are starting to produce, although not much. Maybe next year, I'll get more than a dozen!

As it's already two weeks into June, I'm seeing some more peas and maybe even a few dahlias. Stay tuned!

Come on by to Instagram and see more regular postings of my garden. @ailoves

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  1. Oh I adore those pictures! So beautiful and delicious. I was missing your submission so I'm glad you posted now. Have a lovely week! xo


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