June Mood Board

Wha???? It's July 8, and I am again behind in posting my mood board. Life is so busy that I'm wondering how long I can keep up blogging. Not even blogging a year and I may have to end it. I can barely keep up with my 366 days of food, much less a whole blog. But it is a nice departure from everyday life, so I may just keep it for that reason.

Alas, June brought to bloom many roses...

The dahlias and hydrangea are starting to bloom. Unfortunately, my hydrangea has never fully bloomed in the past 3 years, I'm not sure why.

The fruits and vegetables are popping up everywhere, or rather dropping everywhere. I have so many plums, and it's been a challenge trying to use them.

I made a plum tart, tastes great with ice cream!

And a plum cake. Thanks Martha Stewart!

One tomato has ripened, I was so excited! July will surely bring much more, I can't wait!

I gave myself a Top Chef challenge, trying to use up just the ingredients from my garden. I think I did a pretty good job!


  1. I get all excited when my cherry tomatoes ripen but I usually end up eating them off the vine ;)

    Love the look of that plum cake, Martha never gets it wrong eh?

    Lovely seasonal images as always.

  2. Absolutely lovely mood board/photographs. :) Yes it's hard to find the time but I hope you'll continue. Have a lovely week! xo


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