One word

Today at Shutter Sisters, Tracey Clark asked, "What word do YOU choose to begin 2012?" My word is cherish.

Cherish: ˈcher-ish, ˈche-rish
1: to hold dear, feel or show affection for
2: to keep or cultivate with care and affection, nurture
3: to entertain or harbor in the mind deeply and resolutely

I looked at my post from yesterday and it was a word I used a few times. I think about how photography allows me to cherish so many moments in my life. I cherish living.

So as a way to commemorate this word and the beauty of living, I've decided to try a few 365 photo projects. The first will be 365 days of food and the second, 365 days of activity (to counter all the food!)

I don't plan on posting daily, but I will be snapping away daily (hopefully)!

Here are my first shots:
The first breakfast of 2012. I haven't made pancakes in a while so I went all out with pumpkin chocolate chip ones. I cherish the mornings that I can make a home cooked breakfast and fill the house with wonderful aromas.

After stuffing myself on pancakes, I took out the bike for a ride. I probably haven't ridden my bike for as long as I haven't made pancakes. It was tough, but as I pushed through those 20 miles, my legs and back aching, the crisp cold air blowing in my face, I felt alive. That is a feeling I cherish.

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