Craft Room Inspirations

Hooray! I'm making progress on my craft room. (What I'm not making progress on is a name for this room. "Craft room" seems rather uninspiring. Creativity space? Art studio? Still racking my brain on this one.)

Anyhow, the peachy keen walls are now painted a soothing gray. The gross dog-soiled carpet has been torn out. I've even painted a mural on one of the walls.

Enjoying the carpet one last time

(I haven't had a chance to take some photos today, but soon.)

Next up, scouring Craigslist to see if I can find some bookshelves and painting the floor. In the meantime, I've been revisiting my pinterest board to keep me inspired.

I love open shelving, because if I don't see it, I forget I have it.

Although being the OCD type when it comes to organization, having things packaged neatly in baskets and binders puts me in a calmer state of mind.

Source: bhg.com
I'm thinking about stenciling the floor...

Or maybe a simpler design...

Looking at my pinterest board, it looks like I'm leaning towards a soft industrial vintage look.

I definitely have a thing for drawers...

Source: houzz.com

About 3 weeks left for me to finish the space. Let's see what I can come up with!

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