Chinese New Year

Yesterday was the official start of the Chinese New Year. It's the year of the Dragon. According to my mother, this is a good year for me. Although, just for kicks, I went online and found this Chinese astrology site. You enter in your birthday and some other info, and your birth chart is created.

White chicken, huh?

Sweet! My social life will increase!

I guess my "Lucky Element" is Fire. Uh oh. Bad luck.

This I found interesting. Basically my middle-age years will be pretty crappy. Looking forward to my 50s and 60s!! Can't wait to turn 92! I'll be one happening old momma.

Anyhow, to bring in the new year, the family got together for a lovely feast.

Lotus root
Lotus root signify abundance

Fishy tradition
Fish should be served whole for good fortune

Chinese New Year Dinner

Red brings good luck
Red for good luck
Cheers to family

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