Creating bliss

Bliss [blɪs]: perfect happiness; serene joy

Ah yes, this too is a lovely word. Today, over at Shutter Sisters, Chris asked how do you find your bliss. For me, there are so many ways. From sitting in my garden enjoying the flowers to having a cup of coffee with a homemade cookie...


quiet mornings

Or watching the ocean waves to hiking amongst the redwoods.

Rip Curl SF 2011


Floating on water and sleeping in hammocks bring bliss too!


time to relax

But sometimes, I just want to sit in my house and create things. Using my hands brings me bliss. However, I haven't really had a good space to do this in. My project in November was to redecorate the office space and create a craft room. I dropped the ball on that one! (Don't even ask about the dining room.)

But I'm back on it again, and visions of my creativity space are coming closer to fruition. Closer in that I actually emptied out the room and stuffed everything into the guest room. Now I just have to tear out the carpet, paint the walls, install shelving, and so much more... all in one month. (I have a friend visiting me in February and unless she wants to sleep on the floor, I need to get that guest room cleared out!) Can I do it? Let's go!

An empty slate


  1. Gorgeous pictures particularly the hammock and surfer guy.

    (saw you on shutter sisters)

    1. Thank you! Visited your blog too, looks delicious!


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