Weeks 45 and 46, my computer was sick

So this time I have a good excuse, aside from life, that has put me even more behind in my food posts. My 6 month-old computer crashed. So then the hard drive was replaced. And then it died again the next day. So the motherboard was replaced. So essentially I have a new computer, although I kind of had a new computer before.

Lesson learned from the last time my computer died--back your stuff up, yo! Thank goodness I did, and all my lovely photos are still with me!

So how did weeks 45 and 46 feed me?

309: Egg scramble with homemade beet juice. I've been juicing a bit, trying to "cleanse" my system. Never works though. I just end up eating bacon later. (See day 314)

310: This is a latergram. I went to the SF Art Institute, and the rooftop view was ah-may-zing! And so were these croquettes.

311: We have learned from my 366 that I eat a lot of udon.

312: I don't know what this is, chicken and avocado. It looks awful and probably was. 

313: When I am in a cooking slump and burnt out at work, sushi to go is always a good thing. My sushi photos always get many likes on Instagram. And when I say many, I mean like 12. (Actually, day 310 got quite a few likes, but probably because of the view. It's pretty darn awesome.)

314: Being healthy with a breakfast burrito, and then I added the bacon. 

315: Going Italian in SF for my friend's birthday. Mangia!

316: Guess what? Udon.

317: I've been taking more morning photos since evening photos in the winter are crap. Here's an egg scramble. And a chocolate chip cookie. Because who doesn't have chocolate chip cookies for breakfast?

318: Knock knock. Who's there? Udon. Udon who? Udon you like my udon? (Get it? Get it?)

319: Had to work late, much too late. Thank goodness for In-N-Out!

320: Met up with friends at my favorite Burmese joint. It takes a lot of restraint to not gobble up everything in front of your friends. 

321: Homemade corn soup like mom used to make. And strawberry shortcake, which mom never made.

322: Had a girl's night out at 1300 Filmore. Loved the dark and moody interior. The elderflower and pear cocktail was tasty too. 

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