Weeks 43 and 44, not much more!

Hitting the home stretch! And I swear I will be caught up before the last week hits.

295: The Giants are in the playoffs! Went to the local sports pub for beer, fries and baseball! And we won!

296: Me and my udon. 

297: More noodles with some soup. I love just throwing in everything left in the fridge into these meals.

298: Back to the sports bar for quesadillas and baseball. Another win for the Giants!

299: Some store-bought ravioli with store-bought tomato sauce. Some nights just call for store-bought.

300: Friday morning I had some free time to make a nice breakfast. With bacon of course.

301: Up to the city to root on the Giants. Margaritas help with the rooting. Giants win again! 

302: Took a good long hike with the dogs and friends. Rewarded ourselves with burgers at Alice's. So pooped afterwards that I watched the Giants game at home. And they won the World Series! Yippee!

303: Some butternut squash chili, made a while ago and frozen. Great to have an instant meal when I get home!

304: Made a ton of turkey meatballs. I wasn't supposed to eat all of them... but I did.

305: Lunch at the desk. Lunch is ALWAYS at the desk. Thought I'd snap a shot of the pho. Pho sho!

306: Love the texture of lotus root. And it is so pretty to look at! Stir-fried it with some port and soy sauce. Easy peasy!

307: Night out with the buddies. Took them to Mission Chinese, which unfortunately was not as good as it used to be.

308: Made some fish tacos. Inspired by this post and the last photo on Sprouted Kitchen, and I threw some avocado into the poblano sauce. Unfortunately, evening iphone photos just don't look quite the same as their photos. 

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